Looking for Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service in Japan, and more to come! (also v5, 6, 8)

It’s almost the end of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service week, and I’ve only been through two thirds of the series. ^^” But I must say, I remember most of the stories like it was yesterday. Reading it again has been like visiting an old friend. Thank you to Eeeper’s Choice for hosting this MMF. 🙂

It is my sincerest hope that Dark Horse Comics, which has done a good job so far, will manage to continue translating and releasing this manga in English. At the start of this year, I never expected to see another volume again; it had been more than a year since volume eleven had been released (Sept 2010), and I’d presumed that it was yet another beloved series that had been dropped. (I’m still really sore about Inubaka and Apothecarius Argentum. 😛 Not Dark Horse, but incomplete series.)

I’d first preordered volume twelve in March 2010, and it was cancelled October 2011. (Amusingly-enough, I found a plaintive tweet from Bookdep to Dark Horse in Mar 2011 about this. XD Okay, maybe it just sounded plaintive to me. I was a SAD FAN. ) Undeterred, I noticed the next time I placed a Bookdep order (also in March) that it was back. (And even cheaper than last time. ^^” Gotta love Bookdep.) I thought it was a cruel joke, really. But I placed an order anyway.

When it arrived, it didn’t matter that the cover was no longer the trademark wonderful textured cardboard of the previous eleven volumes — the editor’s notes stated Kurosagi wasn’t selling too well, and the cover was a bit too expensive to start with anyway — I finally had another volume to read! \o/ Overjoyed.

Being nosy, I asked @DarkHorseComics on Twitter,

@DarkHorseComics Pleasantly surprised to have Kurosagi Corpse Delivery 12 in my hands, given the 1.5-year gap. Any plans for more vols?”

and got the sad reply,

@bythebooks Still in discussions. The better it does the better there’s a chance of new volumes.”

But then! I’m placing a Bookdep order (again) and noticed there’s a date announced for volume 13. \o/ And it’s the end of this year!

So, please, if you think this is something you might enjoy, do give it a whirl. I love the art. The stories are interesting. The characters are amusing. Yes, it can be dark, and there’s some gore, but this is the series that converted me from UGH GORE YUCK GROSS to hey, this isn’t too bad after all.

All of the volumes can be purchased via Book Depository, which offers free shipping to many places in the world. They range from $9 to $12ish on that site per volume. Except five. That one’s gone. Oh, careful you don’t buy the Spanish ones, unless you know the language, in which case they are cheaper. 😀 (Not Dark Horse, though..they probably don’t have Carl Gustav Horn either. XD)

If you’re the new-fangled type (hello!) AND in US, AS, CA, GU, MP, PR, or VI, Dark Horse has also kindly offered digital versions of the volumes for purchase, at $5.99 per volume. Instant gratification, no need to wait for the postman, half the rrp. 🙂

And I guess that’s it. I’ll end with the story of how I found a spin-off volume, Kunio Matsuoka Apparition Extermination in a Book-Off in Japan. Some of those branches are HUGE. Shelves upon shelves upon rows of manga, and on weekends especially, there are so many people browsing and reading. Being unprepared (“Hey! A Book-Off! Let’s go in this one!”), I had a few series I was looking for but had mentally blanked on what Kurosagi’s full name in Japanese was. When I asked a helpful salesperson who obviously spoke no English, he thought I was talking about Natsuhara Takeshi’s Kurosagi. 20 volumes and a prequel? Pffft. Our Kurosagi has 16 volumes too! XD I almost resorted to using a translator on my phone that refused to work right, and he had to ask fellow staff members, none of whom knew what I was talking about. We gave up after a lot of effusive mutual bowing and apologising, but Niisama later ended up finding this volume for me, which details more Sherlock Holmes-style old-school mysteries, aided by Yaichi and fluffy thingsies. Maybe one day, this, too, will get translated and released in English. We can but hope. 🙂

And I was going to prepare actual posts for 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12 (the volumes I have on hand; not sure where 7 and 10 went, I’m not the most organised of people. XD), but as you can see, it didn’t work out. So have some summaries/blog drafts (5, 6, 8), instead?!

One-line chapter summaries
1: Slaughter of an entire village.
2: Fake mummy trade.
3: Capitalising on a niche market, and a little of Karatsu’s backstory?
4: A cryogenic scheme.

MVP: The sobbing woman who appeared in story 3. Not only does she seem to have the ability to make others cry when she does, she may have been involved in Karatsu’s birth…hrm.

It might have been because it was 3am at this time, but I don’t really have much to say about this volume. ^^” There was the parallel of the baby in chapter one versus the baby in chapter three — Karatsu and the ghost/man behind him?

One-line chapter summaries
1: The postal service near Aokigahara is competiting with the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service..:O
2: Corpse in a hidden attic.
3: Psych therapy for a corpse.
4: Karatsu gets attacked by someone with a grudge against Yaichi.
5: A mystery from Yaichi’s time. (with some very familiar characters)

I can’t find volume seven…or ten, either, for that matter. XD

One-line chapter summaries
1: Would-be schoolmate commits suicide, regrets it.
2: Curse of the…
3: afterlife marriage drawing. (ema)
4: Sasaki is in danger of being married to her dead stalker, but Yaichi saves the day.
5: Mystery of the dead babies…
6: in a coin locker…
7: murdered by a midwife.

A nurse who can hear the final oft-cryptic words of the dead is introduced in chapter five. She forms a bond with Karatsu, though it doesn’t go beyond blushing. (Awww.) The same chapter also refers to ko sodate yurei again. (Last mentioned in volume four.) Except this time, instead of a ghost raising the child, it’s about unwanted children who are killed.. (infanticide)

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