Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume Three: That Yakuza Baldy

One-line chapter summaries
1: Harvested kidney wants to go home.
2: Bringing the parts home.
3: Suicide Battle Royale
4: Suicide song
“To lure meaningless life to meaningless death.”

MVP: Kereellis for warning Yata. And well, Yata for being (forced into the role of) bait. Though a killer with braces and a blunt instrument isn’t really the most fearsome of creatures, I wouldn’t want to be in a situation like that. Numata said a bunch of (more-amusing-than-usual) things in this volume, though.

Tidbit: Suicide battle royale was pretty interesting. A bit grim, and dark in the way Kurosagi usually is, but a nice twist on the usual battle royale. Suicide itself was a dominant theme in this manga, being featured in two of the three stories. The idea of a suicide song or a death song has been around as an urban legend for a while now. It may or may not be related to binaural beats, but I won’t discount the possibility that music may have/already has subliminal effects we aren’t quite privy to..

Sasayama is also introduced in this volume as the bald ‘yakuza-like’ (according to Karatsu) social worker who gives the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service jobs they usually end up performing for free. He’s an amusing one who probably closes one eye at the dubious way our motley crew sometimes handles things, and we’ll be seeing more of him. (He’s like a quest NPC..)

People who are familiar with (train) jumpers will find chapter four hits a little close to home. I never knew there was so much damage. :/ Sasayama’s complaints about the costs and inconvenience of train jumpers is really familiar, though. i.e. Every time there’s a suicide delay on Cityrail. It’s true it’s an inconvenience, but a life was still lost — easy for me to say, though, I don’t use the train that often. :P

In one of the scenes, I was reminded of Hikaru no Go. Long-haired possible-ghost dressed in period clothing behind young boy? :P Karatsu is nowhere near as tennen as Hikaru, though. XD And Sai is certainly better-looking!

One last thing. In the notes, it was mentioned that

Hiroyuki Yamaga, co-producer of Evangelion, said he never met a cop who wasn’t an otaku.

I wonder whether this is still true…

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